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A guide to China exhibition and trading show


There are total 11033 Exhibitions in China in 2019,as one of the most important offline promotion activities ,exhibition or trading fair attracts manufacturers and distributors to show their products to customers in industry and try to get business,also you can find good distributors or resellers via exhibition ,but it is not easy to select the best exhibition fitting your business, you can not judge one exhibition only relying on the organizer’s advertisement or how many visitors ,you should pay attention to the quality and the quantity of your potential customers,if you don’t have subsidiary or distributor  in China ,it is really for you to get the ture information ,and if you fly to China with your products ,the cost -effective is too low,and also you need a good translator to help you communicate with Chinese customers.

 Convention and Exhibition Services in China

We have good relationship with exhibition organizers, booth designers,we provide professional exhibition services including exhibition survey and selection  ,brochure translation and design,exhibition booth design, trade show booth rental, English -Chinese translation , leads collection and so on. Even you are not in China, we could organize a great trade fair for you according your idea, help you collect sales leads and find good distributor through the exhibition .


How to attend the exhibition in China ? where to get the correct china exhibition list? How to choose the suitable trade fair for your business? I provide one-stop China exhibition services for your business.

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