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How to select keywords for B2B digital marketing in China


For B2B industrial enterprises, keywords can be divided into target keywords(short-tail keywords) and long-tail keywords. Target keywords are mainly derived from enterprise name, abbreviation, brand, slogan, main product name, technical characteristics, unique selling point, etc.The long tail keyword is a keyword derived from the target keyword, which can be a word, a sentence, or even a combination of product name + price, product + problem.


There are four general tools and methods for selecting and determining keywords:


Brainstorm : due to the strong professional industrial products, the internal team brainstorm method can often obtain high-quality keyword options, which can be classified and stored for practical use in network marketing.


Search engine : through baidu ADs tools, baidu drop-down box, baidu index, and other search engine tools to choose keywords


keyword tools: webmaster tools,5118 keywords plug tools.


Reference competitors: B2B Industrial enterprises generally have several clear competitors, select the good ones and learn from them, which can be regarded as a shortcut.


Keyword is one of the most core elements of the industrial enterprise network marketing, need to build your own keywords database as soon as possible, it can be used in the website construction, bloging video marketing etc.your contents only be found by the clients through keywords.

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