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How can B2B companies use Baidu for search engine marketing in China?


B2B companies can effectively utilize Baidu for search engine marketing in China by employing various strategic approaches. Here are some key strategies:

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1. Understanding B2B SEO vs. B2C SEO: B2B companies often have a lower search volume and a more specific target audience compared to B2C companies. It's important to understand the customer's thought process and tailor the SEO strategy accordingly.


2. Keyword Research: Focus on long-tail keywords that are used by decision-makers in the later stages of the buying process, known as BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) keywords.


3. Optimizing Product or Service Pages: Ensure that each product or service has its own dedicated page and is optimized for the identified keywords.


4. Long-term Keyword Research: Continue to build topic relevance and identify search intent to create content that appeals to different stages of the sales funnel.


5. Topic Clusters: Organize related content into topic clusters or content silos to improve search rankings and attract customers with specific intents.


6. Internal Linking: Strengthen internal links within the website to help both visitors and search engine crawlers navigate the site better.


7 Content Marketing: Use content marketing to address the proactive information research conducted by customers, which can be a significant part of B2B marketing strategies.


8. Leverage Baidu's Ecosystem: Recognize that Baidu may prioritize its own platform's content and paid advertisers, so it's important to have a presence on Baidu and understand its algorithms and preferences.


9. Regular Content Updates: For Baidu, regularly updating the website with fresh and relevant content is crucial as Baidu favors websites with high update frequencies and rich content.


10. Technical SEO for Baidu: Understand and implement technical SEO requirements that are specific to Baidu, which may differ from those for Google.


11. Use of Baidu's Marketing Tools: Baidu offers a range of marketing tools and solutions that can help B2B companies reach their target audience more effectively.


12. Integration with Other Platforms: Consider integrating Baidu SEO with other platforms such as WeChat and Zhihu to broaden the reach and improve the visibility of the B2B company.


By implementing these strategies, B2B companies can enhance their online presence in China and improve their search engine marketing efforts through Baidu.


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