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Search engine SEO and SEM in China


As the No.1 search engine in china Baidu takes more than half of the search engine market, if you want to chinese customers know you through search engine ,you cannot ignore Baidu , the Best two methods to target your customers from search engine are SEO (Search engine optimization )and SEM(search engine Marketing ).


SEO takes long time than SEM to get good result because your need to spend months and years on your website ,build the website with the SEO concept ,optimize the web structure , speed up the Pages loading ,set up proper title ,keyword and description ,  continually post articles ,news,videos on your website ,and exchange friend links with high quality website .but  if your keywords are indexed by search engine ,you will get more and more free flows from search engine ,so SEO is a high cost-effective Marketing campaign need you to do at once and never stop update, it is a long period investment.


SEM is one of the most effective  Marketing campaigns that you could see the result immediately ,if SEM doesn’t work for your business ,stop trying other Marketing campaigns. The disadvantage of SEM is you need to spend lots of budget to get a better search engine position ,if you don’t know how to choose the correct keywords,you will see nothing but invalid clicks .


Both  SEO and SEM are very important B2B digital Marketing campaigns in China, and also they are most difficult Marketing activities to do them well,if you have no experience to do it before ,you will waste lots of money and energy but see no results, I can build your Chinese website with SEO concept,consider all the details with our B2B Marketing knowledge , assist you create SEM Account ,Optimize keywords and landing pages, collect more leads for you through SEO and SEM.

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