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How to apply for ICP filing number?


To apply for ICP filing number, you need to follow these steps:


Prepare the relevant application materials, including personal ID card (or ID card of enterprise legal representative), business license (or individual business license), domain name of the website or application, server lease contract, etc.

Visit the filing website of the local Communications Administration Bureau (or corresponding department), register and log in to the filing system.

Fill in the relevant filing information according to the system requirements, including basic information of the website or application, information of the website administrator, server information, etc., to ensure that the information is filled in accurately.

Upload the prepared filing materials, such as ID card scan, business license copy scan, server lease contract, etc.

After submitting the filing information, wait for the review of relevant departments. The review period may require patience, usually taking several working days or longer.

If the filing is approved, you will receive a filing number or notice of successful filing. The filing number is an important identifier for the legal operation of the website.

Display the filing number on the website, usually at the bottom of the webpage to indicate that the website has been filed.

Regularly update the website's filing information to ensure the accuracy of the website's filing information in order to pass the review of authoritative departments.

I hope these steps can help you. If you have any other questions or need further understanding of relevant information, please contact the local relevant departments at any time.

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