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What is the ICP filing number?


ICP(Internet Content Provider) filing number is a registration number obtained after filing for non-operational internet information services within the territory of the People’s Republic of China. The role of this filing number is very extensive, mainly in the following aspects:

Foreign investment entering the Chinese market

Legitimacy: Having an ICP filing number indicates that the website is legally registered and has been reviewed by relevant government departments, and can operate legally on the Internet.

 Enhance trust: For visitors, a website with an ICP filing number is more credible because they know that the website is legal, rather than a possible fraudulent or deceptive website. 

Avoid being blocked: Websites without an ICP filing number may be blocked by search engines or browsers in some cases, while websites with a filing number can avoid this situation. 

Improve search ranking: Some search engines may give priority to websites with an ICP filing number, so these websites may appear higher in search results. 

Advertising promotion advantage: When conducting advertising promotion, websites with an ICP filing number may have more advantages because it indicates that the website is legal and has been recognized by relevant government departments. 

Overall, the ICP filing number is very important for a website. It not only proves the legitimacy of the website but also can improve the trust and search ranking of the website.

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