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Accounts Setup

For the small and medium-sized enterprises those want to expand your business in China,the cost-effective way is registering a company and start your digital marketing first before build your local team in China,because it will take time to set up all the digital marketing Platforms and accounts ,and it will take longer time to take effect.we provide accounts setup services including Baidu PPC advertising account setup,Baidu In-feed account setup,Ecommerce Platform account setup including 1688,Baidu Aicaigou,JD,Tmall,Taobao etc,social media account setup including WeChat,Wechat official account,mirco blog (weibo),short video Platform account setup including Douyin(Tiktok) , Tencent Shipinhao,Haokan video ,we-media accounts setup including Baijiahao Xiaohongshu,Zhihu,etc.what you need provide is one China mainland cell phone number and one Chinese business license (ying ye zhi zhao),we don't recommend you to use other's information because you will take big risk in your business.

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