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Short video marketing in China


Short videos are so popular in china these years with the growing of mobile users, there are more than 400 million people use DouYin(TikTok),more than 3million people use Kuaishou(snack video ),more than 1 billion people use Tencent WeChat,and WeChat now has its own short video platform called WeChat channels,Tencent connects WeChat moments ,wechat groups and wechat channels together,creates a perfect Marketing ecosystem;Baidu owns 4 short videos platforms,although they are not so popular like TikTok,but as the main search engine in China,Baidu’s short videos could get more network access through search engine. You can not ignore the power of these short videos platforms because people prefer get more vivid information in short time now,short videos show every detail about your products and services in 1 or 2 minutes with pictures ,sounds and subtitles.

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The challenge for short videos is products videos can not attract people’s attention , we have experience on making interesting short videos or cartoons with stories ,accordingly the purpose of the videos , we distribute different videos to different channels ,some videos are used for search engine SEO,some videos are used to build your brand ,and some videos are made for the viral-marketing.  


In the future ,VR Technology will be used to video marketing,your customers can sit in the office , konw all the information about your factory ,your products ,your people via VR Technology .we are ready to use this Technology to promote your brand in China.

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